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Industrial Solar Solutions realized by Cimec

At Cimec, we specialize in the installation of solar energy systems, bringing clean and sustainable power to homes and businesses. When it comes to solar installation, we understand the importance of precision and expertise. Our knowledgeable engineers conduct thorough site assessments to determine the optimal placement and orientation of solar panels, maximizing energy production. We carefully consider factors such as sun exposure, shading analysis, and structural integrity to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

As advocates for quality and reliability, we exclusively work with trusted suppliers and utilize cutting-edge solar technologies. We source exceptional components from reputable manufacturers, including high-performance solar panels, inverters, and mounting systems. This commitment to excellence ensures that our solar installations deliver maximum energy efficiency and withstand the test of time.

At Cimec, safety is our top priority. Our experienced technicians adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices during the installation process. We meticulously handle all electrical connections, wiring, and integration with the existing power grid, ensuring a seamless and secure solar system integration.

We take pride in our customer-centric approach, providing personalized guidance throughout the solar installation process. Our team is available to answer any questions, offer expert advice, and ensure a smooth transition to solar energy.

By choosing Cimec for your solar installation needs, you’re making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of clean and sustainable energy. Join the solar revolution today and let us help you harness the power of the sun to create a brighter and greener future.

1.1 Megawatt Solar-Rooftop – 9000m2 (H2-Ready)
Biggest Rooftop Plant in Switzerland – Realized by Cimec AG 

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of one of Switzerland’s most remarkable achievements – with Swiss/German Made Meyer Burger Solar Modules Technology – the realization of the largest Rooftop Solar project in the country! As the driving force behind this groundbreaking initiative, we take immense pride in our contribution to Switzerland’s sustainable energy landscape. 


Some of the over 300 realized projects by Cimec Switzerland

10 Megawatt – Spain

870 kW – Italy

250 kW – Germany

25 Megawatt – Italy

14 Megawatt – Germany

2 Megawatt – Italy

1.2 Megawatt – Bremen
Mercedes Logistic

600 kW – Frankfurt Messe

780 kW – Reckahn
Potsdam Germany

500 kW – Reitverein 

251 kW Schiffdorf

Erlbach Kirchberg
930 kW – Germany

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